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about the community

Welcome to Charlie Hunnam Life, the newest livejournal community dedicated to actor Charlie Hunnam. Feel free to post any news, pictures, and picspams related to Charlie here.

community rules
just a few guidelines when posting

01. No Charlie Bashing. Any and all posts like this will be deleted. And comments dubbed as such will be deleted. And the member(s) that violate this rule will be warned/banned accordingly.

02. Charlie Only Posts Please. First and foremost this is a Charlie Hunnam community. And we have to ask that all post please be on-topic (i.e.: Charlie has to be in that story/video/audio/picspam somewhere) and related to Charlie in one way or another. Charlie movie/tv related news (release dates/plot summaries/set visits) are of course always welcome, but news stories on Charlie's co-stars aren't really appropriate here.

03. Tagging Posts on Hunnamlife. If you make a post please tag it (see our tag list here). It makes things so much easier to find in the future when you need them. If you are making a post and don't see a tag that you would need, contact a mod and we will make it for you.

04. The Mods Only Want to Help. If one of the mods comments in your post with a subject title "Mod" please heed whatever advice they give you, be it improving your post with a different link or picture or what have you. Remember to remain respectful :)

05. General Community Rules Apply.
- If you're posting a images larger than 500px please use an lj-cut.
- If you take any graphics posted please remember to credit
- No drama! Be respectful of one another. No bashing one other will be tolerated here.

  contact a mod
how to contact a mod

Any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to use our Page-A-Mod system. Or PM any of the mods. And we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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